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Learn how to design a marketing strategy to increase fashion sales.

What's included:

The purpose of this eBook is to help you develop your marketing strategy

I will show you how to define your audience, niche, and goals. So you can develop your marketing strategy to grow your fashion business using WhatsApp.

1. Your marketing strategy

I will tell you the three questions you must answer to develop your marketing strategy.

2. Target audience

I will introduce the concept of target audience and show you how to define your target audience.

3. Niche

I will explain what a niche is and walk you through defining your niche.

4. How to define your target audience and niche

I will show you the connection between the target audience and the niche. I will also explain the frameworks for defining the target audience and niche.

5. Goals

I will introduce you to SMART goals and show you how to use this framework to set goals for your fashion business.

6. Implementation

I will identify the steps to creating a marketing strategy for your fashion business.


  • One target audience worksheet
  • One niche worksheet
  • One SMART goal worksheet
  • One KPI worksheet

Plus, these 4 Juicy Bonuses!

Target Audience Worksheet

Use this worksheet to outline your target audience.

Niche Worksheet

Use this worksheet to map the "HOW" of your fashion business.

KPI Worksheet

Use this worksheet to outline your KPI. That is, the metrics to track your goal(s).

SMART Goal Worksheet

Use this worksheet to break down your goals to meet the SMART standard.

What business owners are saying

It's so practical and educative. Some of the tips and guides given are things I've already been practicing in my own business and it worked. Again, I think that demonstrates how realistic, practical and effective the methods you shared are.

– Aderemi

Uforo strategy is the best; the way it was explained is simple and it’s result is quite easy to achieve. This strategy has brought a great change to business.

– Israel

It's amazing, easily relatable illustrations. This is a great piece πŸ‘

– Deejah

So impactful, concise and practical to implement...this is a modern-day manual to customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction. Thanks uforo.

– Maxwell

Use WhatsApp to increase your fashion business sales


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